4701 Michigan Avenue Sold



8,700 Square Feet Built In 1956

O’Connor Realty is pleased to present 4701 Michigan Avenue, an 8,700-square-foot building zoned B4, which is geared, as much as possible, toward street-level pedestrian-generating uses along with 3437 Goldner, a 9,400-square-foot fenced-in parking lot zoned R2, which is designed to promote a suitable environment for homes and activities connected with family life.

Built in 1956, the building is currently a water-tight, expansive space with 200 amp service; industrial hanging heating units; multiple double doors off of the parking lot; five individual bathrooms split between two different sections of the building; and a pillbox office featured on top of the southwestern roof. The space could easily be divided into two or three separate units that open to Michigan Avenue with the addition of the original glass storefront to revive its original integrity. Most recently used for storage, this space would be ideal for any small business needing a storefront with parking either on Michigan Avenue or in the private lot behind the building.

Jenn Smith
734 612 1586